Custom Product and Order Information

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Users can view custom Product and Order information when placing an order for an Account. This can include stock levels, Product expiration dates, or other helpful information. Using the Product_ Information_vod object, customers can create fields to display during Order capture, including data from the Product catalog.

For example, if a pharmacy wants to place an order for Cholecap 10mg and Cholecap 20mg, users can view YTD sales for those products in this pharmacy.

Configuring Custom Product Information


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant admin users CRUD permission and end users at least Read permission on the Product Catalog and/or Product Information object.
  2. Grant users CRUD permission on the Order Lines object.
  3. Grant users FLS edit permission to fields on both the source and target objects.

The target object is always Order_Lines_vod. The source object is either Product_Information_vod or Product_Catalog_vod, depending on which fields you want to retrieve.

The pull-in fields always display as read-only on the Order Lines. The field values at the time of Order capture are stamped on the Order for reporting or other office purposes.

  1. Activate VMOCs.

Configuring Custom Order Information

Users can also set Order Line Pull-In fields to retrieve and display information in the Order Header.

To configure Order Line Pull-In fields:

  1. Define the marker fields on the Order_Lines_vod object you want to retrieve from other objects.
  • The naming convention for marker fields is “zvod_[Object]_[Field]”
  • “Object” is the object name abbreviation—either “PC” for Product Catalog or “PI” for Product Information
  • “Field” is the exact literal match of the field name being retrieved
  • For example, a field named “zvod_PC_Company_Product” displays the  Company_Product_vod field value from the Product_Catalog_vod object on the Order Line
  1. Place the fields on the page layout for the user profile needing visibility to the fields. These are read-only on the Order Lines.
  2. Ensure the user profile has appropriate FLS permissions to the fields on the source and target objects.
  3. Activate VMOCs for the object (either Product Catalog or Product Information) the system is retrieving data from. 

Only pull-in fields from the Product Catalog and the Product Information objects are supported on Order Lines.