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When creating an Order from a CLM presentation, a dialog box displays, allowing users to edit the Order Header fields. Fields that may display are those fields the user has FLS permission for. These include

  • Order Type
  • Order Date
  • Currency
  • Campaign
  • Contract
  • Wholesaler if associated with a Contract

Existing values display for the fields. Users can accept the existing values or edit them as needed.

Reps can enter orders directly from a CLM slide. If the Key Message associated to the slide has a Product Detail defined, the Order Lines are filtered by that Product Detail on the Order screen. If the Key Message associated to the slide does not have a Product Detail defined, then all Order Lines display on the Order screen. The user can choose to filter Order Lines by selecting a Product Detail from the Product dropdown on the Order Lines. Then, the user can complete the order, which is linked to the Call where the presentation originated.

The Order button displays in the Action button list. When selected, the Order Entry screen opens, enabling the rep to add products. When the user selects Done on the Order Entry screen, they return to the same slide in the presentation where the Order was accessed. When the CLM presentation is complete, or when the user selects Done from the More Actions button, the Order Management screen displays, allowing the user to complete the order.

If the CLM presentation has multiple slides with the same Detail Parent Product defined, all previously added products related to that Detail Parent Product display in the Order Lines.

The CLM Order Entry screen displays products for the same Detail Parent Product at any given time. The bar at the bottom of the screen displays the total for the entire Order.

To create Orders from a CLM presentation, the following things are required: 

  • The user must have access to the basic Order Management functionality
  • Products must be defined in the user’s My Setup

    The Account must allow Orders

    The Rep must select an Account before creating an Order

This feature is enabled by default. All existing Order Entry functionality applies.

Users can navigate between CLM and Orders, allowing an easier negotiation process with Accounts. This navigation enables users to display CLM to the customer while placing an Order. Likewise, users can navigate to a new or in-progress Order from a CLM presentation.

Configuring Navigation for Orders with Accounts

To enable this feature, enter a value of 1 in the ENABLE_CLM_FROM_ORDERS_vod Multichannel Setting. When enabled, the Media selector tab displays when the user selects the information icon on the Order Lines or on the Order Product panel. Enter 0 or Null in the ENABLE_CLM_FROM_ORDERS_vod setting to disable this feature.

The Media selector tab is controlled by the MEDIA Veeva Message.

Users must have appropriate permissions for Orders. See Initial Configuration for more information.

Launching CLM from the Order

When placing an Order, an information icon displays next to each product on the Order Product page and on the Order Lines page. The first time the user selects the icon, the Product Details tab displays. Selecting the Media tab launches the Media Selector so the user can select the appropriate Slide thumbnail.

The Slide thumbnail captions are defined by the Description_vod field of the Key Message. If the Description_vod__c field is blank, the Name of the Key Message displays. The name of the CLM Presentation to which the Key Message is associated also displays. The format of the CLM Presentation prefix is controlled by the PRESENTATION_NAME_vod Veeva Message. Selecting the Slide thumbnail launches the Slide’s content within the CLM Media Player. Launching Media from the Media selector respects sub-presentations (required Slides). If no media is associated with the selected Product, the Product Details page displays and the Media Selector is grayed out.

The following conditions apply for the list of Slide thumbnails that display in the Media Selector:

  • CLM must be configured for the user
  • Thumbnails are sorted by Key Message Last Modified Date (newest first)
  • Thumbnails are filtered for the Detail Product associated to the source Order Product
  • Includes custom presentations
  • Excludes hidden and training presentations

Users can create an Order from CLM when they did not enter CLM from a saved Order. If a user navigates to CLM from a saved Order, they can select Review Order from the Action menu to navigate to an in-progress Order to review and complete the Order. (The REVIEW_ORDER Veeva Message controls this text.) The saved Order Lines filter by the Detail Product from the source Slide. For example, if the user first launched a Cholecap slide, then swiped to a Labrinone slide within the CLM Media player, the user returns to the saved Order Lines filtered by Labrinone.

If the Detail Product is not populated on the source Key Message, the saved Order Lines are not filtered.

Users can toggle the Product filter to display All or other Products and can add Order Lines.

The Order Header and Order Lines display on the Order overlay. Selecting Done or swiping away displays CLM. Selecting the information icon displays the Media selector.

Launched Media

If the SELECT_CLM_CALL_RECORD_TYPE_vod Veeva Setting is enabled, the user must first select the appropriate record type before the content launches. The Saved Call displays after Media is closed and after the Order is closed.

If consent is given, CLM activity is tracked for the Call Key Message/Call Clickstream. 

Completing Orders and Calls

When the user closes Media, the Saved Call displays first, followed by the in-progress Order. The Order can be closed by canceling, saving, submitting, or signing the Order. Once the Order is closed, the user can close the Call by saving or submitting it. 

If the Call is submitted but the user returns to an in-progress Order, they cannot launch the Media Selector.