Order Signature Capture

  • CRM Desktop (Windows)
  • iPad

The Order Signature page, when enabled, allows users to capture a signature for an order. The signature is saved as a Base64 text string in the Signature_vod field. Once accepted, the signature date is stamped on the record.

Admins can optionally add a company logo and company information to display on the signature page, and a disclaimer message to display on the signed order.

Configuring Order Signature Capture

  1. Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.
  2. Grant all users the following permissions:
  3. Object OLS Record Type Fields FLS
    Order_vod n/a n/a
    • Disclaimer_vod (optional)
    • Request_Receipt_vod
    • Signature_Date_vod
    • Signature_vod

Adding a Disclaimer Message

Admins can optionally define disclaimer text using the Veeva Setting ORDER DISCLAIMER, which points to the corresponding Veeva Message.

Admins can optionally define the company fields visible on the signature page using the corresponding Veeva Message for the COMPANY_FIELDS_FOR_PRINT Veeva Setting. This definition is also used by the existing Order Print functionality.

Follow these guidelines when adding a logo:

  • Only GIF, JPG, and PNG file types are supported

    GIF files do not animate.

  • The maximum logo size is 500 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall. Images larger than this are scaled down to fit while maintaining their aspect ratio.
  • Images smaller than the maximum size are displayed in their original size
  • The logo file must be stored as an attachment in the Documents tab in Veeva CRM online under the images folder
  • The naming convention for the file must be order_logo.xxx, where xxx is the standard file extension for the file type
  • Keyword must be set to offline in order for the logo to sync
  • Only a single logo image file is supported. This logo is used on the Signature page and in the Order Print .pdf file.

Using Order Signature Capture

When a user selects the Signature button on an order, a screen displays to capture the customer's signature.

Orders are submitted automatically upon signature validation. If an internet connection is available, signature validation also triggers a mini synchronization.