Creating Orders from High Performance Call Report

  • CRM Desktop (Windows)

Order Management is available from High Performance Call Report.

Enabling Order Management for High Performance Call Report

  1. Ensure Order Management is configured.

  2. Ensure High Performance Call Report is enabled.

  3. Place the zvod_More_Action_vod field on the appropriate Call2_vod page layout in the zvod_buttons section.

  4. Create or enable VMOCs for WinModern for all Order Management objects:

    • Order_vod
    • Order_Line_vod
    • Product_vod
    • Product_Group_vod
    • Pricing_Rule_vod
    • Pricing_Subrule_vod
  5. Create or enable the following VMOCs for WinModern for Contracts, Inventory Monitoring, or HTML Reports, if using these features (optional):

    • Contract_vod
    • Inventory_Monitoring_vod
    • HTML_Report_vod
    • Order_Campaign_vod

Using Order Management for High Performance Call Report

Users can perform the following functions using Order Management from high performance call report:

The following functions are not supported:

  • Cloning an order
  • Voiding an order

Users can submit or sign an order with a related IM only if the related IM record has been submitted.

Editing Orders

Users can edit an order related to the open Call Report by selecting Review Order from the More Actions menu from the high performance call report. If more than one order is available, select the order you want to edit from the displayed list.