MyInsights Overview

MyInsights enables better decision making through custom content delivered directly to users in the field via CRM, displaying real-time contextual and historical information to assist users in their daily activities. MyInsights eliminates the need for users to access and aggregate data from separate tools to analyze the information.

Veeva offers a library of ready-made templates customers can use to display content. Customers can also collaborate with developers to create a wide range of customized insights for each role and activity using industry-standard HTML and JavaScript, including the Veeva JavaScript library. MyInsights content can query real-time sales data, Nitro data, and Veeva Link data. Additionally, certified Veeva CRM MyInsights partners are available to create custom pages.

Veeva also offers MyInsights Studio to allow users to create their own content.

With MyInsights, admins and developers can perform the following tasks:

  • Creating MyInsights Records – Admins can create records to store MyInsights content files, allowing users to sync and display the content on their devices
  • Customizing MyInsights – MyInsights developers can create dynamic and interactive custom content using the MyInsights JavaScript library or customize out-of-the-box page templates
  • Displaying MyInsights – Admins can control where content displays to end users online and on mobile devices