MyInsights Studio

MyInsights Studio is a web application allowing content creators within the company to create interactive visualizations and custom pages for end users while adhering to company standards and branding without needing to write code, making content creation more accessible and adaptable. Content creators can create and update pages for MyInsights content efficiently without relying on developers and can deploy the pages directly to Veeva CRM.

To access and use MyInsights Studio, customers must submit a support ticket requesting a Studio Domain for their CRM orgs. The ticket must include a list of the orgs to associate to the domain. Each customer’s MyInsights Studio content is shared across all of the orgs in the domain. Requests for domains are typically processed within one week.

Once MyInsights Studio is set up for a customer, users can access MyInsights Studio directly. Admins can also activate the MyInsights_Studio Visualforce tab, which redirects users to MyInsights Studio.

With MyInsights Studio, the following users can perform the following tasks:

  • Content creator – CRM business admin experienced with Salesforce reporting
  • Creates and tests content
  • Adds and defines data
  • Defines the page layout
  • Deploys content if granted permission
  • Admin – Grants deployment permissions to appropriate content creators
  • End User – CRM user who views and interacts with the deployed MyInsights content in Veeva CRM

Configuration is only needed for users who deploy content. See Deploying MyInsights Pages to Veeva CRM for more information.

MyInsights Studio is supported on the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge Chromium
  • iOS Safari

Restricting Access to MyInsights Studio

To restrict access and only allow users of orgs associated with the domain to sign in successfully, admins can install the MyInsights Studio Connected App:

See Salesforce’s connected app documentation for more information about restricting user access.

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