Creating MyInsights Pages and Content

The home page displays all the MyInsights pages created by users in the org. Users can create pages from the home page. When creating a page, users must define the content properties, including the Content Name and Content Type.

The Remote_Meeting_vod record type is not supported for creating pages.

To create a page:

  1. Select New Content from the home page.

  2. Enter a name in the Content Name field. The Content Name displays in the Sunrise bar tab for the deployed page. The Content Name can be updated when the page is deployed.

  3. Add a Description to help identify the page. This step is optional.

  4. Select a Content Type from the drop-down list. The content type represents a group of MyInsights entry points. See MyInsights Platforms for the list of available entry points. A Content Type is available to select if the user has access to at least one of the associated record types and has OLS permission to the object that is required for preview. Users select a different record type (within the Content Type selected here) before deploying the page.

    Ensure content creators have access to the appropriate object tabs for preview records. To create a preview record, content creators must have access to the record's object tab.

  5. Enter a value for the Test Account. This field displays dynamically depending on the selected content type.

  6. Select OK.

On the edit page, users can add and preview data for the page. See Adding Data for MyInsights Pages for more information.

Only content created in MyInsights Studio can be edited.