Attaching Files to the Call Report

  • Browser
  • CRM Desktop (Mac (Sandbox Beta),Windows)
  • iPad

Users can add attachments and notes to a call report to document additional, call-related information. For a user to add attachments or notes, the call report must be in saved or planned status and in view or edit mode.

For example, Sarah Jones has a sheet of hand-written notes from a call with Dr. Ackerman. Sarah takes a picture of the notes and adds that picture as an attachment, then saves the call report.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Attaching Files Using an iPad or CRM Desktop

To add an attachment to a call report using an iPad or CRM Desktop:

  1. Select More Actions.
  2. Select Add Attachment.
  3. Select Upload File or Upload Photo, depending on the type of attachment.

    On CRM Desktop, only photo attachments are supported.

  4. Select a single file or photo.
  5. Enter a short description for the attachment, if desired.
  6. Select Done to save the attachment to the call report.

Attaching Files Using the Browser

To add an attachment to the call report using the Browser platform:

  1. Enter the appropriate information and Save the call. Calls must be saved in order to add attachments online.
  2. Select the New Attachment button in the Notes & Attachments section.
  3. Select Choose File and select the appropriate file.
  4. Select Attach File.
  5. Select Done.

    The file displays in the Notes & Attachments related list on the call report.

Attachments utilize the standard SFDC Attachment object. The default attachment size limit is 25MB, but customers can request an increase up to 65MB from Salesforce for online devices. Though users can upload attachments up to 65MB online, the maximum attachment size supported on offline devices is 50MB. See Managing Documents and Attachments Offline for more information.