Sample Management Platforms

Below is a list of all Sample Management feature availability by platform.

Managing Sample-Related Data

Functionality iPad iPhone Online Windows
Creating Records for Sample Management
Managing Picklist and Field Values for Sampling
Managing HCP License Information

Managing Non-Sample Products

Grouping Sample Products

Recording Sample Transactions

Functionality iPad iPhone Online Windows
Transferring Sample Lots To Users
Confirming Product Receipt

Grouping Sample Receipts

Requiring Users to Manually Confirm Sample Quantities

Multi-Line Transactions

Capturing Custom Text

Transferring Products

Creating Product Adjustments

Supporting State Distributor License Validation

Displaying the State Distributor License Status Indicator

Selecting an Address for State Distributor License Validation

Cold Chain Sampling

Capturing Acknowledgement of Content

Printing Acknowledgement of Content Receipts

Generating Package Labels for Sample Transfers and Returns

Returning Products

Managing Sample Inventory

Functionality iPad iPhone Online Windows
Capturing Inventories
Capturing Inventories for Other Users
Activating and Deactivating Sample Lots
Requesting Sample Lots

Inventory Ordering

Displaying the Negative Sample Warning Indicator

Printing Inventory Worksheets

Restricting Sampling

Functionality iPad iPhone Online Windows
Requiring Sample Opt-In

Creating Sample and Product Limits

Using Sample Limit Templates

Supporting Sample Audits

Functionality iPad iPhone Online Windows
Maintaining Sample Data Integrity
Unlocking Submitted Sample Transaction and Inventory Records

Enabling Sample Audits