Requiring Users to Manually Confirm Sample Quantities

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To ensure accuracy and compliance with sample regulations, users can be required to manually enter sample quantities when confirming sample receipts. This means that the Confirmed_Quantity_vod field is blank for items on pending sample receipts, instead of displaying the product quantity from the sample transaction.

For example, Sarah receives a shipment of 19 cases of Cholecap. When she confirms the pending sample receipt, the Confirmed_Quantity_vod field is not populated with the quantity from the sample transactions. Instead, Sarah must manually type 19 in the Confirmed_Quantity_vod field.

Configuring Manual Confirmation for Sample Quantities

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To require users to manually confirm sample quantities, select the check box for the DISABLE_SAMPLE_RECEIPT_DEFAULT Veeva Setting.

Manually Confirming Sample Quantities

To manually confirm sample quantity:

  1. Navigate to the Pending Sample Receipts section of the My Samples tab
  2. Select the Confirm link for the appropriate sample shipments.
  3. Enter the appropriate quantity in the Confirmed_Quantity_vod field in the Confirm Receipt pop up.
  4. Enter Confirmed Comments for notes regarding the sample shipment or discrepancies in sample quantity or type (optional).
  5. Select Save to confirm sample receipt.

For more information on receipt transactions, see Confirming Product Receipt.

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