Multi-Line Transactions

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Multi-line transactions increase efficiency by enabling users to add multiple products and lots to the same transaction.

For example, you transfer several units of product to another user. Rather than creating individual transfer records for each sample lot, you enter all the products on the same transfer record and submit the record.

Configuring Multi-Line Transactions

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To configure multi-line sample transactions:

  1. Grant admins and users the following permissions:



    Record Types















  2. Add the zvod_Sample_Lines_vod field to the Sample Information section of the appropriate page layouts on the Sample_Transaction_vod object.
  3. Add the Group_Transaction_Id_vod field to the appropriate page layout on the Sample_Transaction_Audit_vod object.

Configuration of other fields in the Sample Information section of the Sample Transaction is not supported.

When multi-line transactions are enabled, Grouping Sample Receipts can also be configured to enable users to acknowledge all items in a shipment at once. See Grouping Sample Receipts for more information.

Using Multi-Line Transactions

Users can add multiple lines to the same sample transaction record for returns, adjustments, and transfers. To record multiple products and lots on one transaction record:

  1. Select the appropriate link to create a new transaction from the Sample Transactions section of the My Samples page.
  2. Complete the appropriate fields on the new transaction record.
  3. Select the Add Line Item link to add another product or sample lot in the Sample Information section of the new transaction.

    Users cannot add more than 10 line items to a single sample transaction.

    If Managing Non-Sample Products is enabled, each available product type displays in a separate subsection. To expand or collapse a section, select the arrow to the left of the section title—for example, Promotional. To remove a line item, select the Del link for the appropriate item.

  4. Select Submit when the transaction record is complete.

The Add Line Item and Del links only display when the transaction is in edit mode. Users cannot edit or delete line items on submitted transactions.

Submitting Multi-Line Transactions

Regardless of whether the transaction contains multiple line items or only one item, the Group_Transaction_Id_vod field is automatically populated for submitted transactions when multi-line transactions are enabled. This field groups the transactions together. All line items in one transaction have the same group transaction ID.

The values in the Group_Transaction_Id_vod field vary depending on the type of transaction:

  • When users submit a call report with samples, the call name is copied into the Group_Transaction_Id_vod field for the sample disbursement record
  • When users submit a sample receipt confirmation, the Shipment_Id_vod field is transferred into the Group_Transaction_Id_vod field.
  • For sample receipt records created through the Data Loader, receipts with the same shipment ID are grouped together if the Shipment_Id_vod field is populated on the loaded receipt records
  • When users submit a sample transfer without a shipment ID, the Shipment_ID_vod field is populated with the value from the Group_Transaction_Id_vod field

Unlocking Submitted Multi-Line Transactions

Admins can unlock submitted transactions, if needed. When a multi-line transaction is unlocked, then all line items on the transaction are unlocked, because they all share a group transaction ID. (For more information on unlocking submitted records as an admin, see Unlocking Submitted Sample Transaction and Inventory Records.)

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