Submitting a Call with Samples

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To help maintain data integrity and ensure compliance, three automatic changes occur on the call report when users submit call reports with samples, BRCs, or promotional/custom items:

  • Validation criteria ensure the disbursed products, license information, and signature status on the call report comply with organization and regulatory requirements
  • Sample transaction records are generated for sample products
  • All call report fields become read-only and certain values are stamped on the call record

For example, Sarah Jones meets with Dr. Ackerman and records the details of their meeting on the call report, as well as the samples disbursed. When she has entered all relevant call information and captured Dr. Ackerman’s signature, she submits the call report. Validation criteria ensure she entered the appropriate information and her sampling is compliant, at the same time as sample transaction records are generated and call fields become read-only.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Validation on Submit

When a user submits a call report, validation criteria help ensure the sample disbursement, license information, and signature status are compliant. If a user needs to correct the call report, an error message displays.

Depending on the types of products selected, a call report with samples or promotional items must meet the following validation criteria in order for a user to submit it:

Product Type

Validation Criteria for Submitting a Call Report

Sample/Alternative Sample

A sample or alternative sample product must be selected
  • Quantity field must be populated with a positive, whole number

  • The number of products is below the call sample limit (set in the MAXIMUM_SAMPLES or iPad Maximum Samples Veeva setting)

  • Signature is captured or Sample Card #/Sample Send Card#  fields are populated

  • If a number format check is configured, the sample card or sample send card number must meet the expected format
  • The HCP license has not expired
  • The HCP  license is valid for sampling at the call address


  • The Product, BRC, and Ship To Address fields must be populated

  • The HCP license is valid for sampling at the selected Ship To Address
  • If samples, alternative samples, or high value promotional items are on the call report in addition to BRCs, the HCP must have a valid license for both the call address and the Ship To Address

High Value Promotional Item

Product and Item fields must be populated

N/A - license not required

Promotional Item/Custom Product

N/A - signature and license not required

If multiple product types are selected, the validation rules compound. For example, if a user selects a sample product and a BRC, the Product, BRC, Ship To Address, and Quantity fields must be populated, the quantity for both products must be a positive, whole number, and the signature and license information on the call report must be valid.

Validation also occurs when saving a call report and when capturing signatures on the call report. See Saving a Call with Samples and Validating Samples on Signature Capture for more information.

Generating Sample Transactions

When users submit a call, a disbursement sample transaction is generated for each selected sample, and a sample order transaction is generated for each selected BRC product. These transaction records are used to maintain accurate records of sample disbursements for inventory, compliance, and audit purposes. See Maintaining Sample Data Integrity for more information.

Data Stamping on Submitted Calls

Call report fields become read-only when a call is submitted. Data entry controls on the call report, like picklists or check boxes, display as plain text, and products selected for detailing display in an ordered list. In addition, the following fields are stamped on the Call2_vod, Sample_Transaction_vod, and Sample_Transaction_Audit_vod records for a call:

  • License_Expiration_Date
  • License_Status_vod
  • License_vod
  • Ship_License_vod
  • Ship_License_Expiration_Date_vod
  • Ship_License_Status_vod
  • zvod_Business_Account_vod (Call Location)

Stamping behavior varies based on call type. If sample products or BRCs are on the call report, the Is_Sampled_Call_vod check box on the Call2_vod object is automatically checked when the call is submitted. For group calls, the Is_Sample_Call_vod field is checked only on the record for the selected sample or BRC recipient.

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