Paper-Based Sampling

  • CRM Desktop ( Mac (Sandbox Beta), Windows)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

Paper-based sampling is available to capture signatures for organizations that do not use Veeva CRM mobile applications, or as a back-up method of sampling if an account is unwilling or unable to sign via electronic signature capture. This provides additional flexibility in call reporting and can help users meet compliance and regulatory requirements for signature capture, even if mobile devices are unavailable.

For example, Sarah Jones disburses a sample of Cholecap to Dr. Ackerman during a call. Since Sarah’s organization uses paper-based sampling, she records the sample on the call report and then enters the sample card number corresponding to Dr. Ackerman’s sample receipt on the call report. She saves and submits the call report without capturing an electronic signature.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Using Paper-Based Sampling

With paper-based sampling, users generate a paper receipt for the sample recipient to sign. The paper receipt references a corresponding sample card number, which users enter on the call report in lieu of an electronic signature. The sample card number enables Veeva CRM to generate disbursement sample transaction records, so that all other features of Sample Management work as intended.

Paper-based sampling is available for the following product types:

Sample product

BRC product

Alternative sample product

High value promotional item

To use paper-based sampling:

  1. Select the appropriate products on the call report.
  2. Capture the HCP signature on a paper sample receipt.
  3. Enter the corresponding sample card number in the Sample Card # field on the call report. Users can edit the Sample Card # field until they submit the call report.

Paper-Based Sampling for BRCs

If an HCP requests a sample request/BRC, record a sample send card number in the Sample Send Card # field on the call report.

To use a sample send card number, users must select at least one BRC product on the call report.

Validating and Enforcing Number Formats

To reduce data issues resulting from invalid sample card numbers, admins can create regular expressions enforcing a specific number format for sample card and sample send card numbers. (See the General Configuration section of Configuring Call Sampling for more information on enabling this functionality.)

The following Veeva Messages are used to enforce a number format:

  • SAMPLE_CARD_REG_EXPRESS - validates and enforces formats for sample cards
  • SAMPLE_SEND_CARD_REG_EXPRESS - validates and enforces formats for sample send cards

An error message displays if users attempt to save or submit a call report with an invalid sample card or sample send card number format.