Canceling Sample Requests/BRCs

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To reduce operational support requests while improving the user experience, users can cancel a sample request/BRC. This helps minimize the number of unwanted shipments and mistakes.

For example, Sarah Jones submits a call with a BRC for Dr. Ackerman. After Sarah submits the call, she realizes she inadvertently set the ship-to address to Dr. Ackerman’s Newton Memorial Hospital address, instead of his Newton Clinic address. Since the BRC has not been delivered yet, she successfully cancels the sample request and creates a new order for the correct address.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Using Cancel Sample Requests

Users can cancel a sample request until the sample is delivered. Sample delivery status is indicated in the Delivery Status field on the Call_Sample_vod object and is set by a sample admin or by an external integration user with a fulfillment vendor.

To cancel a sample request:

  1. Navigate to the requesting HCP’s account detail page.
  2. Select the appropriate call sample record from the Call Samples related list on the detail page.
  3. Select Cancel Send.

In Lightning Ready orgs, the Cancel Send button only displays on the Call Sample record detail page and the Call Samples tab. To cancel a sample request in Lightning, select the New button from the Call Samples related list, then select Save.

Once a user cancels the sample request, the cancellation must be pushed to the fulfillment vendor, either via an external integration with Veeva CRM or by a sample admin. The vendor then cancels the shipment.