Saving a Call with Samples

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  • CRM Desktop (Mac (Sandbox Beta),Windows)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

A call changes from a planned call to a saved call when the user records call details and then selects Save. When a call is saved, most of the information on the call is still editable. However, call data associated with samples, signatures, and the date and time of the call becomes read-only.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Stamping Sample-Related Fields

When a user saves a call with sample or promotional items, fields associated with call data become read-only. The following fields are read-only on saved call reports with sample or promotional items:

  • Account
  • Item
  • High-value promotional item recipient (if selected)
  • License fields
  • License_Expiration_Date_vod
  • License_Status_vod
  • License_vod
  • Call Location (if configured)
  • Territory

Validation on Save

When a user saves a call report, validation criteria is evaluated to help ensure the sample disbursement is compliant. If a user needs to correct product information before saving the call report, an error message displays.

Depending on the types of products selected, a call report with samples or promotional items must meet the following validation criteria in order to save:

Product Type

Validation Criteria 

Sample/Alternative Sample

A sample or alternative sample product must be selected Quantity must be populated with a positive, whole number


The Product, BRC, and Ship To Address fields must be populated

High Value Promotional Item, Promotional Item, or Custom Item

The Product and Item fields must be populated

If multiple product types are selected, the validation criteria compound. For example, if a user selects a sample product and a BRC, the Product, BRC, Ship To Address, and Quantity fields must be populated, and the Quantity for both products must be a positive, whole number.