Validating Samples on Signature Capture

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  • CRM Desktop ( Mac (Sandbox Beta), Windows)
  • iPad
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Validation helps ensure users’ sampling activity complies with regulatory requirements and organization sampling policies. Validation automatically occurs when a user selects an account as a sample signee and when the signee’s signature is saved.

For example, Sarah Jones disburses a 10mg sample of Cholecap to Dr. Ackerman. She adds the sample to the call report and then selects Sign. Validation rules run, verifying Dr. Ackerman’s eligibility for Cholecap and a disbursement of 10mg. Dr. Ackerman is able to sign for and receive the sample because his sample status is valid at the call address and the sample does not exceed the call limit.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Validation on Sign

Validation criteria ensure signees are eligible for the products and quantities selected. If a user needs to correct sample or account information in order to disburse the product, an error message displays.

Depending on the types of products selected, the following criteria must be met for the account to sign for samples on the call report:

Product Type

Validation Criteria for Signature Capture

Sample/Alternative Sample

A sample or alternative sample product must be selected
  • Quantity field must be populated with a positive, whole number
  • The number of products is below the call sample limit (set in the MAXIMUM_SAMPLES or iPad Maximum Samples Veeva setting)
  • The HCP license has not expired
  • The HCP  license is valid for sampling at the call address


  • The Product, BRC, and Ship To Address fields must be populated
  • The HCP license is valid for sampling at the selected Ship To Address
  • If samples, alternative samples, or high value promotional items are on the call report in addition to BRCs, the HCP must have a valid license for both the call address and the Ship To Address

High Value Promotional Item

Product and Item fields must be populated

N/A - license not required

Promotional Item/Custom

N/A - signature and license not required

If a user selects sample and BRC products on the same call, all of the validation criteria for signature capture apply.

Validation also occurs when a user saves or submits the call report. See Saving a Call with Samples and Submitting a Call with Samples for more information.

Stamping Sample and Signature Related Fields

To help maintain data integrity and provide a traceable history for sample disbursements, certain fields are stamped on the call report when the signature is saved. Field stamping behavior varies based on the call type. The following fields become read-only once an HCP signature is saved:

  • Call Date and Call Datetime
  • Call Address
  • Any selected Sample Lots
  • Swap Signee functionality
  • Sample Card and Sample Send Card fields

Swapping the Signee

When Swapping the Signee, a license validation check verifies the new account's address also meets the criteria for sampling validation. Users cannot select signees who are ineligible for sampling at the selected address. In the Swap Signee drop-down menu, sample status displays below the account name.

See Swapping the Signee for more information on using this functionality.