Grouping Sample Receipts

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To streamline sample transactions and increase efficiency, users can confirm sample receipts for all line items associated with a single shipment or transfer at once.

For example, Sarah Jones receives a shipment with twenty boxes of Cholecap, a case of Restolar, and three boxes of Nabrax. Instead of confirming each shipment individually, Sarah selects the Confirm button for the whole shipment. She then enters the quantities for each product before saving the sample receipt.


Multi-line transactions must be enabled since sample receipt grouping depends on each line item having the same Shipment ID.

Configuring Sample Receipt Grouping

To enable sample receipt grouping, select the check box for the Enable_Sample_Receipt_Grouping_vod Veeva Setting.

Using Sample Receipt Grouping

To confirm multiple sample receipts at the same time:

  1. Navigate to the Pending Sample Receipts section of the My Samples page.
  2. Select the Confirm link for the appropriate sample shipment. Sample receipts are grouped based on the Shipment ID field; all line items with the same Shipment ID are grouped together to be acknowledged at one time.
  3. Enter the quantities received in the Confirmed_Quantity_vod field on the Confirm Receipt page.

    Users must enter a confirmed quantity for each item. If a particular line item didn’t arrive, enter a value of 0 for the missing product.

  4. Enter any associated comments in the Comments_vod field (optional).
  5. Select Save.

To edit quantities after confirming sample receipt for a shipment or transfer, users must create an adjustment record.

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