Managing HCP License Information

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To ensure samples are only disbursed to eligible HCPs, HCP license information is validated when users save a call report, capture signatures for sampling, and submit a call report. This license information is updated and maintained by users, a sample admin, or by an integration with an external software integration.

For example, Dr. Ackerman is a new account for Verteo BioPharma. Sarah Jones captures his license and address information on his address record during a call. Dr. Ackerman’s sample status is calculated as Valid. Once his license information is verified against external records, Sarah can disburse samples to him via Call Sampling.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Entering HCP License Information

To update HCP license information, complete the following fields on the appropriate account Address_vod records, either manually or in bulk via the Data Loader:

  • License Number
  • License Expiration Date
  • License Status

If Controlled Substance Sampling is enabled, complete the following additional fields:

  • DEA #
  • DEA Expiration Date
  • DEA Schedule
  • DEA Status

If Capturing and Validating CDS License Information is enabled, complete the following additional fields:

  • CDS #
  • CDS Expiration Date
  • CDS Status

If the account has other addresses in the same state and the account’s License Valid to Sample status is Valid, then the license information is copied to all of the account’s other addresses in the state.

Determining HCP Sample Status

In order for an account to receive samples, the license information must meet the following criteria:

  • License #, License Expiration Date, and License Status fields are complete
  • External license records confirm the License # is accurate and registered to that HCP
  • The License is valid for the state on the HCP’s Address record
  • The License Expiration Date is greater than or equal to the current date

When the address information is saved, the License_Valid_To_Sample_vod and Sample_Status_vod fields calculate the sample status. Five sample status types are supported in Veeva CRM:

Sample Status 



The HCP’s license is expired and they cannot receive samples


The HCP’s license is invalid and they cannot receive samples


The HCP’s account is new, and the license information has not yet been validated against external records. If Capturing a One-Time Sample Drop is enabled, the HCP can receive one sample drop. 


The HCP has received a one-time sample drop and cannot receive another sample until their license information is validated


The HCP can receive samples regularly. A third party vendor has validated the license information against external records. 

A Sample Status indicator displays on the call report, confirming an HCP is eligible for sampling.

If a user attempts to save a call report with samples or capture a sample signature for an HCP who does not have a valid license, an error message displays:

Modifying Sample Status Formulas

To change how sample status is calculated, modify the formulas in the License_Valid_To_Sample_vod or Sample_Status_vod fields on the Address_vod object to read from a custom field on the address object, instead of from license fields. Modifying these formulas to read from a custom field bypasses the need for license information in determining sample status.

For example, the following formula modifies the License_Valid_To_Sample_vod field to read values directly from the Sample Status picklist, instead of calculating sample status from license fields:

IF( Sample_Status_vod__c = "Valid", "Valid", "Invalid")

If the License Valid to Sample does not equal an exact literal string match to Valid, then the account is not able to sign for samples.

To disable or modify checks on license expiration dates, use the --nsl or --nslns section signals or the ENABLE_LICENSE_EXP_DATE_BYPASS Veeva Setting. Modifying expiration date checks via the License_Valid_To Sample_vod formula alone may conflict with a separate check for license expiration dates on offline devices.

Managing License Information Across HCP Addresses

To ensure consistency in license information across an individual HCP’s addresses, account addresses are automatically updated via the Address_trigger_vod Apex trigger when certain conditions are met.


License Field Behavior

License fields on the Address_vod record are blank. The address record is new or did not previously have license information.
  • The License Valid to Sample status is Valid
  • The account has other addresses in the same state
  • New license information is copied to all of the account’s other addresses in the same state
  • The account does not have other addresses in the same state
  • License information is only updated on the address record being edited
The address record is an existing record, with values in the license fields.
  • The license fields are updated with new values
  • Updated license information is copied to all of the account’s other addresses in the same state
  • The license fields are not populated on the updated record—for example, a user or admin deletes the HCP's license information
  • License information is removed from all of the account’s other addresses in the same state

If users do not enter any license information on a new Address_vod record, Veeva CRM searches against all of the account's Address_vod records in the state. If there is valid license information for another of the account's addresses in the state, the valid license information is copied to the new Address_vod record. If Address_vod records for the same account and state are not found, the license fields remain unpopulated.