Call Sampling Overview

Call Sampling enables users to record disbursements of samples, promotional, and other items to accounts. These items may be hand distributed by end users, or may be distributed as a BRC via common carrier directly to an account. Call Sampling is integrated with call reporting; users record samples and promotional items on the call report, and capture signatures for these disbursements from within the call report. Using Call Sampling on the call report benefits users and their organizations by:

Creating a centralized, comprehensive record of call sampling activities

Providing an efficient way to record sampling during a call, helping users maximize their time with HCPs

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for sampling and signature capture through sample and license validation

Enabling quick electronic signature capture

Keeping secure records of samples disbursements by user and product, for use in Sample Audit Administration or in analyzing performance

Supporting PDMA requirements for sample data integrity and security

Call Sampling enables users to perform the following activities:

Record Sample Disbursements - Users can record the specific products, quantities, and if applicable, lot numbers for samples disbursed during a call. For product types where a signature is not required, multiple attendees may be selected as a recipient.

Capture Signatures for Sampling - For some types of sample and promotional item disbursements, users must capture HCP signatures. Users can capture signatures from the call report, with paper-based sampling, or via remote signature capture.

Submit a Call with Samples - To submit a call with samples, the user must capture a Sample Card #, Sample Send Card #, or signature for the sample recipient