Capturing Inventories for Other Users

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To support annual inventories and audits, users can create inventories for other users. By default, admins and managers can create inventory records for their direct reports, if they have access to reporting users’ records through Role Hierarchy.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Creating Inventories for Other Users

Users can create inventories for other users if they have access to the other user’s Sample Lot data, as needed for annual inventories and audits. Data access is determined by Role Hierarchy and Sharing Rules. Users must have the following permissions to conduct a sample inventory for another user:

  • Read access to the user’s Sample Lot records
  • Read/Write access to the user’s Sample Inventory records
  • Read/Write access to the user’s Sample Inventory Items records

For more information on managing access, see Maintaining Sample Data Integrity.

To create an inventory for another user:

  1. Select New Inventory from the Sample Inventories section of the My Samples tab.
  2. Complete the appropriate fields. Use the Inventory For lookup field to select the appropriate user. The Sample and Lot # picklists on the inventory record display the products and sample lots available to the selected user.

    If a user attempts to create an inventory for another user that they do not have access to, the Sample and Lot # picklists do not display any values and the inventory cannot be submitted. For more information on granting access to users’ data, see Data Sharing Rules.

  3. After entering the inventory, select Save if the inventory record is not complete. When the inventory is complete, select Submit to finish the inventory and lock the record. Only admins can unlock and remove submitted inventory records for archival purposes (see Unlocking Submitted Sample Transaction and Inventory Records for more information).

For data integrity, users cannot edit inventories once they are submitted. Submitted inventories are a historical snapshot of the users’ inventory at a particular point in time. Additionally, the Inventory Field can be removed from the Sample Inventory page layout to control users' access.

Viewing Other Users’ Past Inventories

Managers view their reports’ past inventories to investigate discrepancies and to check that they are submitting their inventories on time. Auditors may also review past inventory records. However, the My Samples page only displays inventories created for the user viewing the page.

To view other users’ past inventories, or inventories conducted for another user, select the Sample Inventories tab and then select the appropriate record. By default, the Sample Inventories tab is only visible to admins.

There are list views for all recently viewed, modified, or created records, by default. Users can create additional list views if needed.

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