New in Veeva CRM 22

The following changes are available to all licensed users of a given product. Instructions to configure these options are discussed in each topic and in the Veeva CRM product documentation, which is available on the support portal beginning October 31, 2014.


  • CLM = CLM Processes
  • Engage = Engage Processes
  • Network all subscription process task = Network Subscription Process
  • Network Inbound DCR process Task = Network DCR Update (Inbound) Process
  • Network integration task = All Network Integration Processes
  • Network outbound dcr process task = Network DCR Retry (Outbound) Process
  • Ensuring the page is displaying the status of the process scheduler and not the status of the process itself
  • Ensuring the page is displaying the status of the process scheduler and not the status of the process itself
  • Ensuring it easy to view the administrative pages by clicking through the process name
  • Remove the Last Finish Time column
  • Adding help icons that link directly to Veeva documentation
  • Disallowing scheduling of the All Network Integration Processes at the same time as any of the other Network integration processes and vice versa. 
  • Apply Product Plan Button Deprecation

    The Apply_Product_Plan button on the Account_Plan_vod object is no longer in use. Customers should use the Apply_Product_Plan2_vod button on the same object, which provides improved performance and functionality. Remove the Apply_Product_Plan button from existing page layouts and delete the button.

CRM and CLM for iPad

  • UI Improvements - All functionality remains the same; there is no need to retrain your users.
  • Detail Pages - An improved UI displays fields and data in a consistent manner across all detail pages in the app. Key improvements include:
  • Use of consistent text sizes and weights
  • Intuitive field and value alignment, especially when labels and values wrap to multiple lines
  • Help text is supported. An info icon displays next to fields with help text configured. Tapping it displays the help text in a pop up window.
  • Edit Mode - The standard edit window has significant improvements to achieve better usability while entering data. These changes affect all edit pages across the app, including specialized pages such as the Call Report, Medical Inquiries, and Sample Inventories. Key changes include:
  • The edit page uses the full width of the screen
  • Read only and editable fields are easily detectable
  • Required fields are marked with a red line
  • Help text is supported
  • A character counter displays when editing a text-based field
  • Field-level validation errors display inline
  • Offline Validation Rules Expansion
  • Account Filter Recall

  • Call Objectives Account Name -

    The Primary Parent, Account Name, and Account Identifier are searchable when accessing the Call Objectives list via the Home Page on iPad. The primary parent with the @ notation displays after the account’s name if the ENABLE_ACCOUNT_PARENT_DISPLAY Veeva Setting is enabled.

    If the user has FLS to Account.Account_Identifier_vod, the Account Identifier displays below the Account name.
    This feature is enabled by default if Account Identifier is configured.

  • Launch Media from Medical Event -

    The Launch Media button displays on the Medical Event detail page and Medical Event list view in iPad. A Call Report is created in the background. This is the same behavior as selecting Record a Call and then selecting Launch Media from within the Call Report.
    This feature is enabled by default.

Closed Loop Marketing

Approved Email

  • Rep Profile
  • Currency in Email Receipts
  • Email Receipts Table Identifier Tokens
  • Email Fragments Sent
  • Configurable Entry Points
  • Custom Content
  • Free Text Token
  • Multi-Channel Activities from Sent Email

Windows 8

  • Ability to send email
  • Opt-In Account
  • Surveys
  • Contracts
  • Documents -Windows 8 has the ability to store and view documents offline in the Documents tab as in iPad. See Configuring Documents and Attachments.
  • Alternative Samples and High Value Promo Items - Users are able to view and use Alternative Samples and High Value Promo Items on Windows Tablet platforms. For more information, see the High Value Promotional Items and Alternative Samples topic.
  • User Defined Presentations - Users are able to create customized presentations on Windows Tablet. See User Defined Presentations for more information.


Network Integration