Configuring Medical Inquiries

Initial configuration includes the setup of all default functionality. Advanced functionality requires additional configuration.

To configure Medical Inquiries for all users:

  1. Grant users CRU permission to the Medical_Inquiry_vod object.

    End users should not be given FLS edit or read permission to the Override_Lock_vod field on the Medical_Inquiry_vod object. This prevents end users from editing a submitted Medical Inquiry.

  2. Ensure the VeevaCustomSettingsService apex class is enabled if using Lightning for Medical Inquiry.

  3. Place the New_Medical_Inquiry_vod button on the appropriate Account object page layout.
  4. Place the Medical Inquiries related list on the appropriate Account object page layout.
  5. Ensure the New button is enabled in the Related List Properties on the Account object page layout.
  6. Place the zvod_Delivery_Method_vod field on the appropriate Medical_Inquiry_vod object page layout in the same section as, and below, the Delivery_Method_vod picklist.
  7. Place the zvod_More_Actions_vod field on the appropriate Call2_vod object page layout in the zvod_buttons section.
  8. Ensure the Medical Inquiries custom tab setting is set to Default On for each profile.
  9. Enable the Medical_Inquiry_From_Account_vod and SObject_New_vod Visualforce pages.
  10. Enable the appropriate VMOCs for Medical_Inquiry_vod.

VMOCs for Medical Inquiry on iPad or iPhone are not needed for Medical Inquiries if the Include Related Objects check box is selected on the Account object VMOC for iPad or iPhone, and Medical Inquiry is configured as a related list on the Account detail page. For more information, see Using a Top Level Sync VMOC.