Lightning for Medical Inquiry

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Users who had previously over-ridden predefined actions must re-add Mobile & Lightning Actions buttons to the Lightning Actions section and revert changes in the Mobile & Lightning Actions section of their customized Medical Inquiry page layouts. Otherwise, the Edit, Delete, and Clone buttons do not display on saved Medical Inquiries and only the Unlock (no Record a Call or Clone) button displays on submitted Medical Inquiries.

Behavior Changes

Some functionality is available in Lightning but is not offered in Medical Inquiries on Lightning:

  • If a user creates a new record and then cancels it, the data entered from the last record is cached and displayed. Users must refresh the page to remove the cached info.
  • The current Salesforce messages that display after performing an action, for example, saving, deleting, or cloning a record, are suppressed by Veeva and do not display
  • The Inline Lightning Edit option is disabled

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