Using Call Objectives

  • CRM Desktop (Mac,Windows)
  • iPad

Users can view a list of their call objectives and record calls directly from those objectives. Alerts display on the home page for past due call objectives or items nearing their due dates.

The following Call Objectives display depending on FLS permissions:

  • not completed
  • have an account

    are not recurring

    do not have a parent objective

The number of Call Objectives displayed is based on the following:

  • call objectives not completed (Completed_Flag_vod = NO) and Account_vod __c is not blank
  • does not include recurring Call Objectives (If the user has FLS to Recurring_vod__c)
  • does not include Call Objectives with a parent objective (If the user has FLS to Parent_Objective_vod__c)
  • does not include Call Objectives past the threshold date defined in the Veeva Setting CALL_OBJECTIVES_ALERT_THRESHOLD_DAYS. If the condition Current Date + CALL_OBJECTIVES_ALERT_THRESHOLD_DAYS >= To_Date_vod__c is satisfied, a Call Objective is counted

If CALL_OBJECTIVES_ALERT_THRESHOLD_DAYS is invalid (it is negative or does not contain a value), the alert number of Call Objectives automatically becomes 0.

Configuring Call Objectives

  1. Ensure users have the following permissions:
    ObjectOLSRecord TypesFieldsFLS






    • Account_vod
    • Comment_vod
    • Completed_Flag_vod

















  2. Create a record type called Action Plan on the Call_Objective_vod object.
  3. Place the zvod_Call_Objective_vod field on the appropriate Call2_vod object page layout in its own single-column layout section. This marker field automatically displays the top page layout section of the layout associated with the record type of the Call Objective being added to the Call Report.
  4. Place the zvod_call_objectives_vod field on the appropriate VMobile_Home_Page_Layout_vod object page layouts.
  5. Enable the ENABLE_OFFLINE_CALL_OBJECTIVES_vod Veeva Setting.
  6. Enable the CALL_OBJECTIVES_ALERT_THRESHOLD_DAYS_vod Veeva Setting. This step is optional.

  7. This value determines the number of days before a Call Objective's due date that an alert displays to a user. For example, if this value is 14, alerts display for Call Objectives beginning 14 days before they are due. The value of the To_Date_vod field determines the due date.
    • The default value is 14
    • If the value is 0, alerts display on the day the objective is due
    • If the value is blank or a negative number, alerts do not display
  8. Enable the OBJECTIVE_CALL_RECORD_TYPE_vod Veeva Setting. This step is optional. Enter the un-translated label of a Call record type here. This call record type is used when a user creates a call directly from a call objective. If this is left blank, creating a call from a Call Objective uses the default record type for the user's profile

Using Call Objectives

To view call objectives, select Call Objectives on the home page or from the Call Objectives tab (see Managing Tab Visibility and Display Order for more information). If the user has alerts, select Call Objectives to view a list of objectives that generate alerts, as determined by the CALL_OBJECTIVES_ALERT_THRESHOLD_DAYS_vod Veeva Setting. If there are no alerts, a list of all objectives displays.

Home Page widgets include a count of all objectives and objectives that have passed their alert threshold. Selecting the widget opens a list view of current Call Objectives. Users can launch a Call Report directly from this list.

To configure the home page widget, add the zvod_Call_Objectives_vod field to the user’s page layout for the VMobile_Home_Page_Layout_vod object.

The Completed_Flag_vod check box on the Call Objective is automatically selected when a call is submitted. This field should not be editable on the user's Call Objective page layout.