Customizing Slide Navigation

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

Content creators can include links to other slides within a presentation or to slides in other presentations, or directly launch a specific slide.

Linking Between Slides and Presentations

Content creators can use the gotoSlide JavaScript function within an HTML <a> tag as the href parameter or update the document location attribute within the JavaScript code.

When users select the link or control that contains this underlying function, the media player jumps to the slide defined in the function. Navigation from the slide that was reached by the gotoSlide functionality is identical to navigation had that slide been reached through traditional navigation, for example, swiping left will display the slide before that slide in the presentation, not the slide from which the user jumped. Tracking CLM Key Messages also continues normally.

The gotoSlide function respects My Setup, Restricted Products on Account, and Allowed Products on Call and TSF when media is launched from a Call or an Account. The gotoSlide function does not respect Restricted Products or Allowed Products when media is launched from the Home Page.

The one-parameter gotoSlide works the same using the Media_File_Name_vod as the external ID from which to jump to in the context of the same presentation. This feature assumes the same Media File Name is not used more than once in a presentation, otherwise, the gotoSlide randomly selects one to jump to.

The gotoSlide function jumps to Staged or Approved versions of presentations depending on the status of the originating presentation:

  • If gotoSlide is called when viewing a Staged presentation, then it jumps to the latest version of the presentation specified in the parameters (can be Staged or Approved)
  • If gotoSlide is called while viewing an Approved presentation, then it jumps to the Approved version of the presentation specified in the parameters
  • If the originating presentation does not have a status, the gotoSlide function jumps to the presentation specified in the parameters based on the following priority: Status_vod = Approved > Staged > blank

To help maintain the uniqueness of the Presentation_Id_vod field, when CLM Presentation records are created during the CLM Vault sync, an error occurs if a Presentation_Id_vod value is used across Vault presentations with different Doc IDs.

Launching Specific Slides

Content creators can launch a selector from within HTML content for specified Key Messages. To set navigation behavior for individual slides, the JavaScript function must use the following format:

com.veeva.clm.launchSelector({presentation: [key message]}, callback) where

  • presentation specifies the Presentation_Id_vod
  • key message specifies the Media_File_Name_vod

For example: com.veeva.clm.launchSelector([{PresABC: [KM1, KM2, KM3], PresXYZ: [KM4, KM5], PresLMNO: [KM7, KM8, KM9]}], callback)

Adding Text Navigation

If the swipe gesture for slide navigation is disabled for a Key Message, content creators can use the nextSlide and prevSlide JavaScript functions within the HTML5 code to create text links to allow users to navigate between slides.