Disabling Touch Gestures

  • CRM Desktop (Windows)
  • iPad

Users can use touch gestures, including swipe and pinch to exit or zoom, when displaying CLM presentations. These touch gestures can be disabled to improve presentation navigation.

Admins can disable the swipe gesture for slide navigation in CLM presentations to allow more creativity and flexibility when adding interactive controls, for example, dragging or dropping elements within a slide, or adding horizontal sliders.

Admins can also disable the pinch to exit gesture to allow users to zoom in and out of a presentation without unintentionally exiting.

To prevent important information from displaying improperly or being hidden entirely, admins can disable the zoom functionality on an image or PDF CLM Key Messages.

Touch gestures are disabled for individual Key Messages, not entire presentations. All other Key Messages continue to function normally.

For example, Verteo BioPharma has a company presentation containing slides with important text displayed over images. An admin disables the pinch to exit gesture to allow users to zoom in and out of the text slides without accidentally exiting the presentation.

Disabling Touch Gestures in CRM

To disable touch gestures in key messages from CRM:

  1. Grant the following permissions to the Disable_Actions_vod field on the Key_Message_vod object:
    • Admin - FLS Edit
    • End user - FLS Read
  2. Activate all picklist values for the Disable_Actions_vod field on the Key_Message_vod object.
  3. Add the Disable_Actions_vod field to the Key_Message_vod object page layout.
  4. Navigate to the appropriate Key_Message_vod record.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Move Swipe_vod, Pinch_to_Exit_vod, and/or Zoom_vod to the Chosen list in the Disable_Actions_vod field.
  7. Select Save.

Disabling zoom for key messages for CRM Desktop (Windows) is supported.

Disabling Touch Gestures in Vault

Vault admins can also disable touch gestures on the Multichannel Slide document type in Vault. Ensure the Vault fields are mapped correctly to the respective CRM fields.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Multichannel Slide document.
  2. Select Edit Fields in the Information panel.
  3. Navigate to the CLM Properties section.
  4. Select swipe_v, pinch_to_exit_v, and/or zoom_v from the crm_disable_actions__v picklist field.
  5. Select Save.

Disabling Zoom with HTML

Zoom functionality for HTML Key Messages must be disabled in the HTML code. Content creators can include the following code to disable zoom:


iPad HTML Code

<meta name=viewport content=width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no>

Windows CSS Code