Tracking CLM Key Messages

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)
  • iPad

Each time a key message is viewed via CLM, a Call2_Key_Message_vod record is created and stamped with information about the content viewed. This allows users to report on CLM key message metrics.

Unique activities are tracked using the same logic as group calls on the Browser platform. See Capturing Unique Information on Group Call Attendees for more information.

In addition to the standard fields captured for regular key messages, the following fields are written to the Call2_Key_Message_vod record:

  • CLM_ID_vod - stamped Media File name from the Key Message record
  • CLM_Presentation_vod - lookup to the CLM Presentation that was displayed
  • Display_Order_vod - display order of the CLM Key Messages that the Key Message is shown
  • Duration_vod - duration of the visit to the slide in seconds
  • Key_Message_vod - lookup to the Key Message that was displayed
  • Name of the CLM Presentation
  • Name of the Key Message
  • Presentation_ID_vod - stamped Salesforce record ID of the presentation
  • Reaction _vod - based on what was selected by the user
  • Share_Channel_vod - stamped with the channel used to present CLM. The following values are available:
    • Face_to_Face_vod - user presented CLM directly from the call report. This is the default value.
    • Remote_Meeting_vod - user presented CLM during an Engage meeting
    • Remote_CLM_vod - user presented CLM via remote CLM
  • Slide_version_vod - stamped from Key Message record
  • Start_Time_vod - date/time that the slide was shown
  • Version_vod of the CLM Presentation

On iPad, a view is captured when either of the following occurs:

  • the user displays the slide for 2 or more seconds
  • the user selects a reaction button

On CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows):

  • The user is in a call
  • The presentation is available for the call
  • The presentation is in Presentation View and in the foreground

    Duration tracking for a key message is paused when users display another window in the foreground while displaying a presentation slide.

  • The key message for a slide is displayed for 2 or more seconds

When users display CLM on CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows) platforms, Call2_Key_Message_vod records are only created for accounts. Call2_Key_Message_vod records are not created for contacts or other attendee types.

Custom fields on the Call2_Key_Message_vod object are not supported and do not display on Calls if a Key Message is added to a Call. Additionally, the Category_vod and Vehicle_vod fields on the Key_Message_vod record are not used for CLM Call Key Messages.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Tracking Call Details

Call Detail records are created or updated for the product which was detailed via CLM, where Type_vod = EDetail_vod and the Call record has CLM_vod = TRUE when the user is done viewing media.

During a call, if users display a CLM presentation for a product with the No_Detail_vod check box field selected, the product is still detailed on the call report.

Call2_Key_Message_vod fields are used in the following reports:

  • CLM Presentation Views per Product – displays the number of CLM Presentation views grouped by Product. This is calculated based on the number of CLM Calls where the presentation was viewed.
  • CLM Presentation Views by Month – displays the number of CLM Presentation views by month. This is calculated based on the number of Calls where the presentation was viewed within each month.
  • CLM Presentation Views by Account – displays the number of CLM Presentation views by Account. This is calculated based on the number of Calls for each Account where the presentation was viewed.
  • CLM Presentation Views by User – displays the number CLM Presentation views per user. This is calculated based on the number of Calls for each user where the presentation was viewed.

See Displaying CLM Reports for more information.

Removing Tracked CLM Key Messages

When users share CLM content during a call, they may accidentally navigate to slides inappropriate for the call, tracking the key messages for those slides on the call report. When editing the call report, users can remove irrelevant key messages by selecting the Del button next to the appropriate key message in the CLM Details section. This also deletes the related Call2_Key_Message_vod record.

The Del button does not display if the --ded section signal is configured. See Section Signals for more information.