Displaying CLM Content from Calls

  • iPad

Users can display CLM content from a call report using the Start Media option in the More Actions or the Media button. Users can view content associated with their assigned products as well as company level content without related products, as determined by the products specified in the user’s My Setup Products. This allows users to share important and engaging visual content with HCPs.

To display CLM content from a call report online, see Launching the CLM Media Library from the Call Report Online for more information.

For example, Sarah Jones meets with Dr. Clinton Ackerman about Cholecap. When discussing clinical trials for the product, Sarah selects the Media button from the call report and displays a Cholecap presentation containing graphs and statistics about Cholecap clinical trials.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

When viewing media content in full screen, users can swipe left or right to navigate between content components. The navigation bar can be used to scroll through the thumbnail view of individual components, allowing the user to jump to a specific location in the presentation.


  • When launching media from an account, a Call is saved regardless of activity within CLM on the Call. If the Cancel button is selected, the Call is still saved with information entered.
  • The display order of the CLM Key Messages is captured when saving a call. This allows admins to create a report analyzing the position (first, second, etc.) a slide was shown during a call.