Launching the CLM Media Library from the Call Report Online

  • Browser
  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)

Users can launch the online CLM media library via Veeva CRM on Desktop directly from the call report outside of an Engage meeting. This allows users who are meeting with accounts face-to-face or remotely, for example, over Zoom or Microsoft Teams, to share downloaded CLM content via their desktop. This CLM activity is tracked on the call report. See Tracking CLM Key Messages for more information.

For example, Sarah Jones meets with Dr. Clinton Ackerman remotely using Microsoft Teams to discuss Cholecap. She selects the Start Media button on the call report to view her media library and selects her CLM presentation about Cholecap. The presentation displays on her desktop and she then shares her screen with Dr. Ackerman.


Configuring Access to the CLM Media Library

To enable access to the CLM media library:

  1. Ensure CLM for Online Meetings is configured.
  2. Select the Access_CLM_From_Online_Call_vod Multichannel Setting check box.

Sharing CLM Content from the Online Call Report

After creating a call report online, users can share CLM content during a call in call mode:

Call mode means the app is tracking CLM activity for a specific call.

  1. Select the More Actions button.
  2. Select Start Media to display Veeva CRM on app in the foreground. A banner displays at the center top of the screen to indicate call mode. Additionally, the app icon in the system tray displays a blue dot to indicate call mode. Right-select the icon to display a menu with information about the call, as well as buttons to hide the banner or end the call.
  3. Launch the appropriate content in Normal View.
  4. Select the Start Slideshow button to display content in fullscreen Presentation View for the app to begin tracking the activity. Activity is tracked only in Presentation View, not in Normal View.

To end call mode:

  1. Select End from the call mode banner or End Call from the tray icon menu.
  2. Select End Call in the pop-up window to confirm the end of the call. The call key message data immediately syncs online.

The app remains running in the background even after ending a call or closing the window.

To share CLM content or desktop windows during online Engage meetings, see Sharing Content During Online Engage Meetings.