Event Attendees

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Event Attendees are stored in the Event_Attendee_vod custom object. The Event_Attendee_vod object tracks the attendance of Accounts and Contacts to Medical Events (stored within the Medical Event object). Additional fields can be added to the Event_Attendee_vod to provide additional information as required.

The Event Attendees related list can be added to an Account or Contact page layout. The Event Attendees related list provides visibility into the Medical Events that an account has been invited to as well as the status of that account for the event.

Invite Business Accounts to Medical Events

Business Accounts can be attendees at Medical Events. This allows tracking event attendance from a business, such as a pharmacy, without tracking against a person account.

To enable this feature, set the Business Account Attendee Mode setting to 1. This removes all previous filters that prevented inviting Business Accounts.

If an individual attendee is signing on behalf of a business account, grant edit permission to the Signee_vod field on the Event Attendee object. This displays a Signee text field to be used when a signature is captured.

Related Topics

Managing Attendees During Account Realignment

Medical Events supports adding Event Attendee records on the iPad platform during account realignments. To enable this feature, grant end-users FLS edit permission to the Entity_Reference_ID_vod field on the Event_Attendee_vod object.

If an account has been realigned outside of the user's territory, but the change has not been synced with the iPad, a sync error occurs when adding the account to an event.