Accounts Overview

The Accounts module in Veeva CRM allows users to view and manage person accounts and business accounts and their relationships using the Account Hierarchy. Person accounts are individual people, for example, an HCP, while business accounts are organizations, for example, a drugstore.

Accounts are at the core of many parts of CRM, for example, Scheduling and Planning interactions, Cycle Plans, Territory Management, Order Management, Surveys and Assessments, Call Reporting, Account Management, and Medical Events.

With Accounts, users can perform the following tasks:


  • Managing Accounts – Admins have full privileges to manage Network subscriptions for accounts and to data load accounts from an external source or third-party Master Data Management system or integration. Admins can also create, update, or delete accounts manually.

  • Managing Territories – Admins can manage the Territory hierarchy and govern which accounts a user can access by aligning accounts and users to territories

End Users

  • Viewing Accounts – End users can view accounts in several ways, including lists and views, My Accounts, and advanced account search

  • Exploring Accounts – End users can see all manner of account information, for example, account timeline, Office Best Times, Sphere of Influence, child accounts, and global account data

  • Modifying Accounts – End users can submit requests for adding accounts or can create data change requests to initiate updates to existing accounts