Using Shared Resources

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)
  • iPad

To optimize storage space and reduce sync times, HTML assets known as shared resources can be used with multiple Key Messages.

The system automatically creates a shared folder which links to the shared content. Use the following structure to reference the content from HTML:

  • ./shared/<folder structure inside the zip>

Content creators can use the following methods to reference a shared resource:

  • <img src='./shared/images/cholecap_logo.jpg>
  • <script src=./shared/js/veeva_javascript_library_v3.2.js type=text/javascript></script>
  • <link href=./shared/css/base.css rel=stylesheet type=text/css>

Zip files for content that refers to a shared resource Key Message should not contain a shared folder. The symlink overwrites the shared resource.

Example zip file hierarchy for a shared resource:

  • index.html (or image.png)
  • thumb.png
  • image (folder)
  • cholecap_logo.jpg
  • js (folder)
  • veeva_javascript_library_v3.2.js
  • css (folder)
  • base.css

Key Messages with the Is_Shared_Resource_vod field selected should not be associated with any CLM Presentation Slides.