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Call Sampling enables users to record product disbursements on the call report. Users select the appropriate product, record the quantity disbursed, and enter any other relevant information—for example, the lot number for each sample. This increases ease and efficiency in call reporting by enabling users to record each call’s information in a single, centralized place. Selecting products on the call report also helps ensure that users’ sampling activity is compliant with regulations on the types and quantities of items disbursed to a particular HCP.

For example, Sarah Jones samples Cholecap to Dr. Ackerman during a call. On the call report, Sarah selects Cholecap from the item picklist, then enters the appropriate quantity and the lot number. Once she has entered the other relevant information for the call—for example, the call address, products detailed, and key messages—she saves and submits the call report.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Call Sampling Products

Available product types are displayed in the Sample and Promotional Items section of the call report. The following product types display in separate subsections of the call report:

Product Type


Valid License Required

Signature Required


Any product sample that is physically left at the call location




Any product sample that is sent via mail to a specified ship to address



Alternative Sample

Any means of obtaining a product sample that does not require a lot number for disbursement (for example, co-pay cards and vouchers)



High Value Promotional Item

Any highly valued marketing or sales aid that is physically left at the call location (for example, medical books, models, or demonstration devices)



Promotional Item

Any marketing or sales aid that is physically left at the call location




Any medical reprint that is physically left at the call location




Any customer defined product type that is physically left at the call location



All available product types count towards the maximum number of samples for the call (defined by the MAXIMUM_SAMPLES or iPad Maximum Samples Veeva Setting, depending on the platform).

Products are displayed to users only if they meet the following conditions:

  • The product is assigned to the user in My Setup Products
  • There are appropriate parent and child records for the product in the Product Catalog
  • If Defining Allowed Products is enabled, the product is one of the allowed products
  • If product restrictions are enabled, the product is not restricted

To prevent a product type from displaying in the Samples and Promotional Items section of the call report, update the No_Promo_Items_vod formula field on the Product_vod object. If the result of the formula is TRUE, the product does not display in the Samples and Promotional Items section.

Virtual Lot Numbers can be used to manage sample inventory for non-sample products (BRCs, HVPs, promotional items, reprints, and custom items). See Managing Non-Sample Products for more information.

Selecting Products for Call Sampling

To select a product for Call Sampling, select the Add button for the appropriate product type. This displays the product dialog, enabling users to select the product, item, lot number if applicable, and quantity. To distinguish BRCs from samples, (BRC) displays at the end of a BRC product name. Suffixes are not applied for other product types. If mass sampling is enabled, users can add multiple sample products from the mass add samples window (see Adding Multiple Products to the Call Report for more information).

When selecting the quantity, users can toggle between a picklist and a numerical keypad.

Select Done or Done and New to add the product to the call report.

For products that require a signature or sample card number, lot number and quantity fields are editable until an HCP signature is captured or the call is submitted. For other promotional items, the quantity is editable until the call report is submitted.

To remove a product from the call report, select the remove icon to the left of the product name.

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