Aligning Promotional Items and BRCs by User

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  • iPad
  • Windows Tablet

Promotional Items and Business Reply Cards (BRCs) can be aligned to specific users using My Setup Products. This alignment allows different groups of users who detail the same brand to have access to different promotional products and BRCs for that brand.

To align Promotional Items and BRCs by user: 

  1. Select the User_Aligned_vod check box on the Promotional Item or BRCs record in the Product Catalog.
  2. Load the My Setup Products table with Promotional Items and BRCs records by user.
  3. Ensure the user profiles that require alignment of Promotional Items and BRCs have FLS visibility to the User_Aligned_vod field. If a user does not have visibility to this field, then all Promotional Items and BRCs of the Detail product the user is aligned to display on the call report.

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