Selecting Sample Recipients on Group Calls

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On group calls, users can select a sample recipient for promotional items, high value promotional items, reprints, and custom items. Selecting a sample recipient enables users to record important information about product disbursements when there are several HCPs on a call, without needing to create additional call reports.

For example, during a group call, Sarah Jones samples Cholecap to Dr. Ackerman and distributes a promotional poster to Dr. Beacher. Dr. Ackerman is automatically set as the Cholecap sample recipient, but Sarah selects Dr. Beacher as the recipient for the poster. When Sarah saves the call report, the recipient for each product is recorded on the call report.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Selecting Sample Recipients on Group Calls

Select the Add button for the appropriate product type, then select a product recipient from the recipient picklist. Users can change the recipient until the call is submitted.

If Unique Activities are enabled, users can also select a sample recipient for samples, BRCs, and alternative samples. This enables users to accurately record sample disbursements to more than one HCP on the same group call report, or record sampling for group call attendees with differing sample statuses (see Capturing Unique Information on Group Call Attendees for more information).

Swapping the Sample Recipient

To change the sample recipient from the primary account for samples, BRCs, and alternative samples, users can swap the signee on the signature page or create a new call against the desired account. Otherwise, the sample recipient for these product types is set to the primary account on the call.

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