Surveys Overview

Surveys are groups of questions CRM users answer about accounts, also known as targets. Surveys are created to help users better understand their accounts by building a profile of the account. They collect valuable market and profiling data about accounts to assist in commercial strategy and activity planning.

Surveys have many uses, for example, gathering information for market research to help brand messaging and to allocate sales resources, following up after an event, understanding HCP treatment preferences, and evaluating speakers.

The Surveys module is designed specifically for business users to create surveys, add questions, define weights and segments, define target lists, and publish surveys, all without assistance from the IT Department.

Survey admins and end users perform the following actions.

  • Creating a Survey – Surveys can be created manually or through data loading.
  • Adding Survey Questions – There are several types of survey questions, for example, picklist, text, and radio. After a question is created and saved, it can be added to the Question Bank for use in other surveys if needed.
  • Selecting Survey Targets – A target is an account for which an end user executes a survey. Target ownership is determined by Assignment Rules. Survey admins can add target accounts via the Survey Management screen or by data loading.
  • Publishing a Survey – Publishing indicates a survey is ready to be completed by end users. Publishing locks the survey restricting editing to survey properties and questions.
  • Capturing Responses – Once a survey is available to end users, a user can execute the survey during or after a call with an account.
  • Reviewing Results – Managers can review survey results, to gather information for marketing research, to pinpoint the efficacy of messaging, and to ensure their users are completing survey target accounts as needed.