Using the Question Bank

The Question Bank is a list of reusable questions created for surveys. Any questions created for a survey can be added to the Question Bank to be used on other surveys in the future.

There is a lookup relationship to associate the Survey Question record and the corresponding record in the Question Bank. Edits made to one copy of the question do not edit that question in other records.

Any time a user adds a question to a survey, the Save and Add to Question Bank button displays, giving them the option to save the question for other surveys.

Then, when creating a survey, the user has the option to create a survey question or open the Question Bank.

Selecting the Question Bank button opens the Question Bank screen.

Users can select the check box beside any question and use the Add Selected button to add the questions to their survey.

If the --qbo section signal is on the Survey page layout section containing the zvod_Questions_vod field, the New Survey Question button does not display, and users cannot create questions for the survey. Users can add only existing questions from the Question Bank to the survey. These questions are not editable aside from response weights.