Approved Email Platforms

Below is a list of all Approved Email feature availability by platform.

Sending Approved Emails

Functionality iPad iPhone Browser

Bounced Email Management

Composing Approved Emails

CRM Auto-Publishing for Email Fragments

Email Builder

Favorite Email Templates and Fragments

Saving Emails as Drafts

Managing Approved Email Recipients

One-Click Unsubscribe

Classic Consent

Capturing Consent for Approved Email

Approved Email Receipts for Signature Transactions

Associating Business Accounts to Approved Emails

Sending Approved Emails to BCC Recipients

Recommended Emails

Reschedule Scheduled Emails

Reviewing Approved Emails Before Sending

Reporting on Approved Emails

Functionality iPad iPhone Browser

Tracking Approved Email Activity

Displaying Approved Email Activity on the Timeline

Approved Email Reports and Dashboards

Tracking Multichannel Activities from Approved Emails

Using Key Messages in Approved Email Content

Approved Email Entry Points

Functionality iPad iPhone Browser

Account Detail

Call Report

CLM Slides

Email Tab


Events Management

Medical Events

Medical Inquiries

My Accounts

My Insights




* Suggestion emails on iPhone are only supported through Deep Linking in MyInsights.