Associating Business Accounts to Approved Emails

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End users can associate Approved Emails to a business account, providing a clear link between the recipients and the associated business account for auditing purposes. Additionally, associating Approved Emails to business accounts enables sent emails to respect Restricted and Allowed Products associated with a certain location, enabling compliance in certain markets.

For example, Sarah Jones sends an Approved Email to Dr. Clinton Ackerman and Dr. Bob Adams. Both recipients work at Chilton Memorial Hospital. When Sarah composes the email, she defines Chilton Memorial Hospital as the business account associated with both recipients, providing greater auditing context for the sent email.

Configuring Associating Business Accounts to Approved Emails

To configure this feature:

  1. Grant admins and end users FLS edit permission to the Parent_Email_vod field on the Sent_Email_vod object.
  2. Place the Parent_Email_vod field on the appropriate Sent_Email_vod object page layouts.
  3. Enter the appropriate value for the ENABLE_GROUP_EMAIL_vod Approved Email setting:

    • 1 – Enables associating business accounts to Approved Emails without product restrictions
    • 2 – Enables associating business accounts to Approved Emails with product restrictions
  4. Enter a value of 1 for the ADD_RECIPIENTS_vod Approved Email Setting.

Selecting an Associated Business Account

To associate an Approved Email to a business account:

  1. Navigate to the Organization section of the composed email.
  2. Use the lookup field to select the business account associated with the recipients.

Approved Emails do not send to business accounts.

Enabling Business Account Product Restrictions

Depending on local regulations, customers may need to prevent communication of promotional items to non-prescribers.

For example, Sarah Jones wants to send a promotional email about Cholecap to Dr. Clinton Ackerman. Dr. Ackerman is associated with both the local children's hospital and his own practice. Because Cholecap is not prescribed for children, Sarah can associate the email with the business account representing Dr. Ackerman's own practice, but not the business account representing the children's hospital.

To enable this feature, enter a value of 2 in the ENABLE_GROUP_EMAIL_vod Approved Email setting. This overrides the individual product restrictions of the recipients with the product restrictions of the selected business account.

If a composed email includes information restricted by the business account, the following error message displays when the end user tries to send the Approved Email:

<Company> is restricted from <Product>