Displaying Approved Email Activity on the Timeline

  • iPad
  • Browser

The Timeline View displays sent emails sent to an account as well as any email activities associated with that sent email. This enables end users to know which Approved Email content was recently sent to an account.

For example, Sarah Jones has an upcoming visit with Dr. Clinton Ackerman. She wants to discuss Cholecap with him, so she looks at his Account Timeline to learn when he last received an Approved Email about Cholecap. Sarah sees that Dr. Ackerman has not received an Approved Email about Cholecap in a while, so she sends him an Approved Email about Cholecap to aid in her in-person discussion with him.

Controlling Who Can See Sent Emails on the Timeline

Visibility to sent emails on an account's timeline is controlled by the Timeline_View_Email_Link_vod Approved Email setting. By default, any user can see any sent email on an account's timeline. Admins can control visibility of sent emails in the account timeline by editing the Timeline_View_Email_Link_vod Approved Email setting to one of the following values:

  • 0 – The default value. All users view an account's email activity
  • 1 – Sent emails only display to the owner of the sent email and above in the hierarchy
  • 2 – Sent emails only display to the owner

Users can view any email activity information not displayed in the Timeline via a View More link on the Sent Email component. This eliminates the need for users to manually check email activity.

Preventing Email Activity from Displaying on the Timeline

Certain users may be prohibited from viewing the activity of email recipients. To allow these users to remain compliant, admins can restrict permission and visibility to email activity:

  1. Remove Read access to the Email_Activity_vod object.
  2. Deactivate the VMOC for the Email_Activity_vod object.

The Timeline View still displays all sent emails, but email activities associated with those sent emails do not display.