Capturing Consent for Approved Email

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Customers can replace the Approved Email email opt-in functionality with Consent Capture. Email opt-in captures global opt-in consent while Consent Capture allows users to capture both opt-in and opt-out consent from HCPs at different levels, for example, for specific products or content types and for different channels, for example, CLM or custom channels. Email opt-in and Consent Capture cannot be used simultaneously.

Consent Capture for Approved Email does not support sub channels on consent line records.

For example, Verteo BioPharma wants to capture consent for Approved Email and SMS only for Cholecap. An admin enables Consent Capture for their reps, allowing them to capture consent for Approved Email and SMS specifically for Cholecap.

Configuring Consent Capture for Approved Email

Before configuring this functionality, ensure the following prerequisites are satisfied.


To hide the Email Opt In button on mobile devices:

  1. Navigate to Develop > Custom Settings > Approved Email Settings.
  2. Select Manage.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Enter a value of 1 in the APPROVED_EMAIL_CONSENT_MODE_vod Approved Email setting.
  5. Select Save.

To configure content types for Approved Email:

  1. Grant the following permissions and add the fields to the appropriate page layouts:
  2. Object


    Consent Admin/Integration User

    End User



    FLS Edit

    FLS Read



    FLS Edit

    FLS Edit

  3. Ensure all picklist values for the Approved_Email_Consent_Level_vod field are activated.
  4. Activate a Full Sync VMOC for the Content_Type_vod object.

Integration users should sync Approved Email templates from Vault to CRM. In order for a sync to be successful, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • Corresponding Content Type records with the same External Id exist in both CRM and Vault
  • The CRM-Vault Mapping from the Approved Email Administration page is updated
  • Select View Map under the Vault Login Credential Management section of the Approved Email Administration page
  • Approved_Document_vod records include a Content_Type_vod record in Vault
  • Only one Content Type can be assigned to an Email Template in Vault
  • End user visibility to Email Templates is still controlled by the Product Catalog (My Setup)
  • Corresponding Content Type records need to be managed in CRM and Vault. See Content Type Object and Document Field for more information.

Products still drive alignment of content in Vault and are required for integration and sync purposes.

Capturing Consent for Approved Email

Consent admins create consent type records using the Approved_Email_vod record type. See Creating Consent Types for more information. To define consent lines for products and content types, see Creating Consent Lines.

To capture consent for content types, navigate to the appropriate consent header record and select the Content_Type_vod value for the Approved_Email_Consent_Level_vod field.

There can only be consent lines of the same record type for an Approved Email channel. For example, if there is a Cholecap consent line, a consent admin cannot create a content type consent line, only other product consent lines.

Users cannot send Approved Emails to HCPs who do not grant consent. If a user tries to send an approved email to an HCP who has not opted into receiving approved emails, the Send button is unavailable and a link to Change Opt Preferences displays for the recipient. Select the link to navigate directly to the Consent Capture screen for the account. After capturing consent, the user automatically returns to the Send Email screen.