Creating Consent Lines

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After creating a consent type record, consent admins can create consent line records if there are specific products or content types for which a customer wants to send communications via that channel.

Consent Capture for Approved Email does not support sub channels on consent line records. Consent Capture for CLM does not support consent lines.

Products for capturing consent include all products available to end users in the product catalog. Capturing consent for specific products allows a customer to send any communications to HCPs about those products.

Content refers to the information included in communication disbursed to an HCP. This information does not need to be tied to a specific product. Consent admins can define information by content type. This provides users much more flexibility when capturing consent because it does not rely on the product catalog. Product catalogs are usually managed externally and can be difficult to modify.

Examples of content types include the following, but customers can define any category as a content type according to business needs:

  • Medical
  • Clinical
  • Promotional

Sub channels are configured through consent lines for a consent type record and have short durations and predefined expiration dates. Customers can use sub channels to capture consent for recurring or temporary channels, products, or content types, for example, marketing campaigns. This allows consent admins to avoid defining new products or content types for temporary use.

For example, Verteo BioPharma’s marketing team wants to capture consent for Cholecap’s winter campaign which ends after three months. Rather than creating a product or content type for Cholecap Winter Campaign which will not be used after the campaign ends, an admin creates a Cholecap Winter Campaign sub channel and defines the start and end dates, so the sub channel automatically expires once the campaign is over.

Creating Content Types

Admins must create content types before they can be used to capture consent. To create content types in CRM, select New on the Content Types tab and select the Content_Type_vod record type.

Sharing Rules are not supported when using All_Lines_vod and creating consent lines that reference Content_Type_vod records.

Creating Consent Lines

Admins must create the same consent type and consent line records for consent headers for the same country but different languages.

  1. Navigate to the Consent Lines Related List for a specific consent type record. Ensure the Status_vod for the related consent header record is not Active.
  2. Select New Consent Line.
  3. Select the appropriate record type.
  4. Enter the appropriate Product_vod or Content_Type_vod, or enter the following information for Sub_Channel_vod:
    • End_Date_vod
    • Group_By_vod
    • Sub_Channel_Description_vod
    • Sub_Channel_Display_Name_vod
    • Sub_Channel_Key_vod
    • Start_Date_vod
  5. Select Save.
Set the Status_vod field on the related Consent_Header_vod record to one of the following:
  • Active – displays consent channels and lines on the Consent Capture screen and prevents further editing
  • Staged – hides the consent records from end users while allowing consent admins to review how the Consent Capture screen displays