Sending Approved Emails from a Medical Inquiry

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Medical users can respond to an HCP-submitted Medical Inquiry using an Approved Email. The email template can retrieve details from the Medical Inquiry to help the HCP understand the context and reason the email is being sent. These email templates can also use Email Fragments (attachments) that may serve as the necessary materials needed to fulfill the Medical Inquiry.

Emails from Medical Inquiries are not considered promotional and therefore, Email Threshold Warnings, Product Restrictions, and email consent are not applied.

Configuring Approved Email for Medical Inquiries

  1. Enable Approved Email for medical users.
  2. Place the Send_Email_vod button on all appropriate Medical Inquiry page layouts.

In Vault, ensure all email templates used for Medical Inquiries have an email_template_type__v field of Medical Inquiry Template.

Medical Inquiry Templates are only available when sending an Approved Email from a Medical Inquiry and do not display as available in any other Approved Email entry point.

Sending Approved Emails to Multiple Product Inquiries

The --mpi section signal controls what type of button/link displays on the applicable Medical Inquiry Page Layout(s):

  • If the page layout does not contain the --mpi section signal, a single Send Email button displays in the normal button section
  • If the page layout contains the --mpi section signal, a link displays next to each individual inquiry, allowing users to send an email for each inquiry

The button or link only displays on submitted Medical Inquiries.

Approved Email Tokens for Medical Inquiries

Users must insert field tokens in the Email Template to retrieve details from the Medical Inquiry record. For example, to add the product, inquiry text, and signature date to an email, use {{Medical_Inquiry_vod__c.Product__c}}, {{Medical_Inquiry_vod__c.Product__c}}

The following tokens are not supported:

  • insertMedicalInquiry table token
  • {{Owner.Name}}
  • {{CreatedBy.Name}}

To insert the name of the user who submitted the inquiry into the Email Template, create a formula field that references the Name of the record creator. Then use a field token that calls the formula field.