Sending Approved Emails from Medical Events

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  • Browser

Event organizers can send Approved Emails to follow up on a Medical Event in the past. Content admins can create one Email Templates and use tokens to reference details from the referenced Medical Event.

For example, Sarah Jones needs to send a follow up about a recently concluded Medical Event. She opens the event and selects Send Email. Approved Email opens with an email where all the emails of the Event Attendees are included in the To field. Sarah inserts the fragment with the Event reminder information and sends the email.

Configuring Approved Email for Medical Events

To enable this feature:

  1. Enable Approved Email for event organizers.
  2. Grant admins, integration users, and event organizers the following permissions:

    Object OLS Record Types Fields FLS
    Approved_Document_vod n/a Medical_Event_vod n/a n/a
    Sent_Email_vod n/a Medical_Event_vod
    • Event_Attendee_vod
    • Event_Attendee_Mobile_Id_vod
    • Event_Mobile_Id_vod
  3. Grant end users access to the Send_Approved_Email_Medical _Event_vod Visualforce page.
  4. Add the Send Email button to the appropriate Medical Event page layouts.
  5. In Vault, ensure all email templates used for Medical Events have an email_template_type__v field of Medical Event Template.

    Medical Event Templates are only available when sending an Approved Email from a Medical Event and do not display as available in any other Approved Email entry point.

Sending Emails

When a user selects Send Email from the More Actions menu of a Medical Event, Approved Email launches and up to 50 eligible Event Attendees are added to the email. Users can delete recipients from the recipients list, but recipients cannot be added. Only Event Attendees who are associated with an Account can receive emails, and consent is respected.

Users can also select an individual email address from the Event_Attendee_vod detail page. Approved Email launches, and the Event Attendee is added to the email. Additional recipients cannot be added.

A warning message displays when the indicated threshold of sent emails is reached. This threshold is set in the APPROVED_EMAIL_COUNT_LIMIT_vod Approved Email Setting. See Approved Email Settings for more information.

The following Approved Email features are supported when sending emails from Medical Events: