Advanced Functionality for Sample Management

Admins can enable the following advanced functionality for users:

Managing Sample-Related Data

  • Managing Non-Sample Products - Admins configure virtual lot numbers to enable users to manage sample requests/BRCs, promotional items, alternative samples, and other products without sample lot numbers
  • Grouping Sample Products - Sample product groups enable admins to create custom categories within the product catalog

Recording Sample Transactions

Managing Sample Inventory

  • Inventory Ordering - Admins set order allocations for samples and promotional items, enabling users to place orders within these limits or request exceptions as needed
  • Displaying the Negative Sample Warning Indicator - To help users avoid disbursing or transferring more samples than are in their inventory for a given sample lot, a negative sample warning indicator displays on sample transaction records
  • Printing Inventory Worksheets - Users can print inventory worksheets to assist in on-hand inventory counts

Restricting Sampling

  • Requiring Sample Opt-In - Some countries require a one-time sample opt-in signature for an account to receive samples
  • Capturing Remote Signatures for Sample Opt-In - For convenience during remote meetings, and to accommodate any restrictions on in-person meetings, users can remotely capture signatures for sample opt-in
  • Creating Sample and Product Limits - To help ensure product disbursements comply with regulatory requirements, admins can define sample limits by quantity or value for several combinations of account, call, user, product, and sample product group
  • Using Sample Limit Templates - Sample limit templates enable admins to set a default sample limit for transactions where existing sample limits do not apply
  • Viewing Sample Limits on the Call Report - Sample limit warnings can be displayed on the call report to warn end users if their disbursements exceed sample limits

Supporting Sample Audits

  • Enabling Sample Audits - In case of a sample audit, admins create a profile for the auditor, configure sharing rules, and ensure they have the appropriate permissions for relevant records