New in Veeva CRM 17R3

The following changes are available to all licensed users of a given product. Instructions to configure these options are discussed in each topic and in the Veeva CRM product documentation.

Deprecation of PDA and Blackberry Veeva Messages

As previously announced, in 17R3, all Veeva Messages with the category of PDA or Blackberry that are no longer being used will be removed.

Please review any custom code to ensure you are no longer using the deprecated Veeva Messages before 17R3 is released.

Windows Support

Users on the Windows Tablet platform are required to upgrade to Windows in order to install Veeva CRM 19R1. Veeva CRM will no longer support Windows 8.0 or 8.1 beginning with the 19R1 release.

Core CRM

Events Management



Network Integration

Scheduling and Planning


Approved Email

Windows Tablet users can now collect information specific to each recipient of an Approved Email. See Adding Recipient Specific Fields for more information.


Windows Tablet users can now use Call Clickstream. See Call Clickstream Data for more information.

Scheduling and Planning

  • MCCP
  • Displaying MCCP Attributes in My Schedule
  • Editing MCCP Goals to Zero
  • Call Planning
  • MCCP Filtering in My Schedule
  • Medical Inquiry

    Windows Tablet users can now clone an existing Medical Inquiry. See Configuring Buttons on Page Layouts for more information.

    Medical Insights

    Windows Tablet users can now configure the columns displayed on the Key Medical Insights Home Page. SeeKey Medical Insightsfor more information.

    Scheduling and Planning

    iPad users can now create bookmarks. See Setting Bookmarks in Classic Cycle Plans for more information.