Setting Bookmarks in Classic Cycle Plans

  • iPad
  • Browser

Users often need to schedule calls against a predefined list of accounts or against a target list in their cycle plan. These filtered lists, which end users can create, are often reused during call planning. The Bookmarks for My Schedule feature allows users to create and view saved sets of filter conditions and display configurations in My Schedule. Instead of rebuilding often-used filters and display configuration, users can consistently schedule Calls based on a library of previously saved options. Users can save both advanced Cycle Plan filter configurations as well as Account filter configurations.

Online and iPad users can create, edit, and view bookmarks.

Bookmarks are applied at either the account or cycle plan level. Record types at the object level determine which type of data the bookmark applies to.

Users can create, edit, and delete bookmarks on the Online and iPad platforms. Optionally, they can be loaded via the API.

Bookmarks can be created on the iPad platform for all lists and views other than Classic Cycle Plan views.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Configuring Bookmarks in Classic Cycle Plans

  1. Grant users Create or Edit permission to the Bookmark_vod object, depending on the level of access they need.
  1. Enable the Enable_Adv_CycPln_Scheduling_vod and Account Scheduler filters.
  2. Activate the Bookmark_vod VMOC record to allow users access to offline bookmarks.

Using Bookmarks in Classic Cycle Plans

When enabled, a new picklist displays in both the Online and iPad environments. The picklist displays all the bookmarks a user owns. On the Online and iPad platforms, users can save, edit, or delete bookmarks depending on the object level permissions for the end user.

Creating Bookmarks

To create a bookmark:

  1. Select a Cycle Plan entry.
  2. Select Display configuration.
  3. Select Filter configurations.
  4. Select Sort configuration.
  5. Select the New Bookmark option in the Bookmark picklist.
  6. Click Save As.
  7. Enter the Bookmark name.
  8. Click Save.

To create a Bookmark at the Account Level:

  1. Select any list or view of account data.
  2. Select Filter configurations.
  3. Select Sort configuration.
  4. Select the New Bookmark option in the Bookmark picklist.
  5. Click Save As.
  6. Enter the Bookmark name.
  7. Click Save.

Sticky Bookmarks

To make bookmarks on the iPad platform more efficient for users, bookmarks on the Scheduler page in My Schedule can now be sticky.

To enable this feature, grant FLS edit permission to the Last_List_Scheduler_Bookmark_List_vod field on the Preferences_vod object.