Key Medical Insights

  • Browser
  • CRM Desktop (Windows)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

A Key Medical Insight is information gained by Medical users via talking with key opinion leaders, reading publications, or attending conferences, for example. Insights are valuable to Medical Affairs personnel because of their importance in the current market. This information can be captured and organized in Medical CRM within the Medical_Insight_vod object. 

Examples of Key Medical Insights:

  • A doctor publishes an editorial about safety concerns of a particular drug. An employee of the pharmaceutical company that manufacturers a drug that belongs to the same class of drugs meets with the doctor but realizes the concerns are not based on clinical experience. The employee notes that information as a Key medical Insight.
  • An employee of a pharmaceutical company attends a conference where doctors ask him questions about a certain drug and its possible secondary effect on patients. The employee notes the information as a Key Medical Insight for further investigation.

A Key Medical Insight can be created as a standalone record directly from the Key Medical Insights tab or can be created from an Account, a Call, or a Medical Event. Key Medical Insights can also link to other sources, for example, a clinical trial, publication, or conference. Administrators can define restricted words or phrases to ensure compliance.

Configuring Key Medical Insights

To configure Key Medical Insights:

  1. Grant the following permissions for each profile that requires access:

    ObjectOLSRecord TypesFieldsFLS








    Edit (mobile devices only)

  2. Add the Account_vod field to the appropriate Medical_Insight_vod object page layout.
  3. Add the Submit button to the appropriate Medical_Insight_vod object page layout.
  4. Add the New Key Medical Insight button to the appropriate Account and Medical_Event_vod object page layouts.
  5. Add the zvod_More_Actions_vod button to the zvod_Buttons section on the appropriate Call2_vod object page layout.
  6. Add the Medical Insights related list to the appropriate Account object page layout.

  7. Grant users access to the Medical Insights tab.
  8. Activate the Medical_Insight_vod VMOC for the appropriate mobile platforms.
  9. Activate the following Visualforce pages for the appropriate profiles:

    • Medical_Insights_vod
    • Medical_Insight_View_vod
    • Medical_Insight_Edit_vod
  10. Grant users access to the Kmi_Account_Selector_vod and Kmi_Call_Account_Selector_vod Visualforce pages.

Using Key Medical Insights

Rich Text Formatting is available for users when they create a new Insight to draw attention to key points in the description. After creating a new Insight record, users can Save or Submit the record. The Summary and Description fields are required.

The Key Medical Insights tab displays tabular view of the Medical Insights records with sortable columns based on a user’s FLS to those fields. Users can also search for a saved or submitted Insight record by Summary, Description, or Account name.

Administrators can unlock submitted records on the Browser platforms for editing purposes.

If your org is enabled for Lightning, see Lightning for Medical Insights.


  • Key Medical Insights is not available from an Event on iPhone
  • The Notes & Attachments related list is not available for Key Medical Insights for Browser

Platform Specific Details for CRM Desktop (Windows)

On the CRM Desktop (Windows) platform, users can only create Key Medical Insights when the call report is in Edit mode. If the –paa section signal is on the Call2_vod page layout and there are attendees on the call, users are prompted to select an account for the new Key Medical Insight.