Key Medical Insights Tab

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Users can configure the columns displayed on the Key Medical Insights tab to help determine their priority.

For example, Sarah Jones has created the custom field IFU_vod on the Medical_Insights_vod object and displayed it on the Key Medical Insights tab for quicker access to whether or not a particular drug needed additional information.

Configuring the Key Medical Insights Tab

If your org is enabled for Lightning, see Lightning for Medical Insights.

To configure the Key Medical Insights tab:

  1. Ensure Key Medical Insights is configured.
  2. Edit the Medical_Insights_Columns_vod Veeva Setting with a comma delimited list of fields to display.
  3. Grant users FLS read permission to all fields in the list.

Columns display in the order they display in the list. For example, Account_vod__c, Medical_Event_vod__c, Publication_vod__c displays Account in the first column, Medical Event in the second column, and so on.

Columns sort in descending order by default for the iPad and Browser platforms. Columns sort in ascending order for all other platforms.

The MEDICAL_INSIGHTS_COLUMNS Veeva Setting, used to adjust column displays on the Key Medical Insights tab, is not supported in Lightning. Columns can be defined and configured using Salesforce List Views. If more than 255 characters are needed to list all desired fields:

  1. Create a new Veeva Message named MEDICAL_INSIGHTS_COLUMNS and set the following fields:
    • Type - Custom Setting
    • Category - Medical
    • Select the Active check box
    • Language - en_US
    • Text - Comma delimited list of Medical Insight Fields to display
  2. Edit the Medical_Insights_Columns_vod Veeva Setting and update the Default Value, under General Options, to MEDICAL_INSIGHTS_COLUMNS;;Medical.