Key Medical Insights Restricted Words

  • iPad
  • Online
  • Windows

Administrators can specify if restricted words should be treated as a partial string match or an exact string match. Additionally, administrators can define more restricted words using multiple Veeva Messages. This provides greater control over what words or phrases should be restricted and helps minimize unnecessary restrictions.

For example, while Sarah Jones is creating a Key Medical Insight, she types the word Cholecap. An error message displays because the word is a restricted word using an exact string match.

Configuring KMI Restricted Words

To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to the Veeva Message noted in the Medical Insights Restricted Words Veeva Setting.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Enclose exact string matches in straight double quotes (""). Smart Quotes are not supported (“”). Partial string matches should not use double quotes.

    For example, the following text input into the Veeva Message: awesome;;"10 dollars" sets the word awesome as a partial string match and the phrase 10 dollars as an exact string match.

Spaces, newlines, tabs, and all other forms of whitespace are treated the same.

Exact string matches immediately after punctuation are restricted based on the specific language and platform. For example, the Online and Windows platforms always restrict exact string matches that follow punctuation. On the iPad platform, this restriction is dependent on whether the language of the device regularly contains punctuation preceding a word (for example, Spanish uses the ¿ punctuation before words).

Using KMI Restricted Words

Administrators can define the list of restricted words in a series of Veeva Messages. This enables a list of restricted words larger than the 5000 character limit of a single Veeva Message.

To enable this feature:

  1. Create all appropriate Veeva Messages containing lists of restricted words.

    Veeva Messages must be a unique combination of the Name, Category, and External ID fields.

  2. Navigate to the Medical_Insights_Restricted_Veeva_Messages_vod Veeva Setting.
  3. Enter the Veeva Messages as a comma-separated list. All Veeva Messages in this setting must belong to the same category and use this format:


    For example, the following references three Veeva Messages for the list of restricted words: RESTRICTED,RESTRICTED2,RESTRICTED_jp;;MI

All Veeva Messages used must have the same Language field.